100% Breakfast in Playa San Juan, Tenerife

I made a lot of decisions this morning…decided not to go for a run for one reason or another, decided not to look at the news (yawn!), decided not to have breakfast at home….and decided to get in the car and drive to Playa San Juan, about 20km along the coast from where I live…to have a walk and find breakfast. Glad I did.

Playa San Juan is sleepy in the morning. There´s not many people about, only joggers, earlybirds and fishermen drinking beer. It livens up as the day goes on, but this morning is quiet and slightly overcast (I have a feeling it will be hot later). As I got out of the car, I could see a group of dolphins no more than 50 metres away, which made me stop for a while and watch.

I´d read a few weeks back about an artisan bakery called 100% pan y pasteleria which had been winning awards and was the 3rd best bakery in Spain in 2015 …in Tenerife, so that was another decision made…Im going there.



Then I walked inside…this is where the decision making all went wrong…my stomach wanted the absolutely gorgeous looking, crispy, moist pan au raisin, a brownie and an almond croissant (and yes I could have eaten them all) then I saw the dessert cakes, all shiny and screaming at me to choose them, but the menu said bagel with cream cheese, avocado and smoked salmon and my head quickly calculated that the last time I had a proper fresh bagel (not a frozen one from Iceland) was last year from an old London haunt (from the days of clubbing until the early hours and getting a bagel on the way home) and THE unfriendliest bagel shop in Brick Lane which only saves itself by making the best bagels EVER.

I went for the bagel, which was tasty, but wasn’t a bagel, it was more of a bread roll shaped like a bagel, than a traditional steamed baked bagel. I was a teeny tiny little bit let down, but got over it quickly. My breakfast buddie had a fresh white cheese and membrillo (like a hard fruit jam that you can slice) bocadillo (sarnie). We enjoyed what we had but didn’t have room for the pan au raisin or a croissant….so the final decision was to take a brownie home. It didn’t get home. It was up there with the best brownies I’ve had.

Playa San Juan the beach

the beach at Playa San Juan


the harbour of Playa San Juan


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