Food Trucks on tour…yes that´s right I´m out for the day!

Street Food Fiesta – Puerto de la Cruz – 2017

I couldn’t explain exactly why, as I was prone to bouts of boredom in that geography lesson about warm air, big volcano, fluffy clouds and rainfall but if you’ve never been to Tenerife (or couldn’t tear yourself away from the beaches in the south of the island) it is an island of two sides…the north side being greener and cooler and the south side being hotter and more arid. (I learnt that word tho). So last weekend I fancied a trip over to the *big otherworldy voice* otherside for a change of scenery.


Tenerife – Mount Teide – 3rd highest volcano on the planet – cloudy in the north – hot in the south

It was another world, they had food trucks, live music and people…in proper clothes (no socks & sandals here and men had shirts on in public, which is rarely seen in the south).


Frida Food Truck

I know that most of you out there in the civilised world probably come across a street food van frequently (I´m really missing the streetfood trucks at the back of Southbank, London) but here we don´t…there is a licensing issue, which means its rarely seen unless in an organised event.


I love a Mexican Caravan

There were a good selection of trucks at this event, mainly with a South American theme and what was available, was good value. Missing flavours for me, Asian and Indian street food. Its been a long time since I had a samosa. (Does anyone have a good recipe for a samosa?)  I might try that next week. The event took place in the Plaza Europa, next to the town hall (ayuntamiento) in Puerto de la Cruz, it started at 12pm but only really got going at 3pm with live music. Great atmosphere.

Anyway, if you´re listening ´Food trucks on tour´ we had a really great time at your event, come to the South soon, you´d be well supported I´m sure.



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