Cold Brew Coffee

Imagine a world without coffee…no I can´t either. The coffee bean was introduced into Europe about 500 years ago from Ethiopia, not too much longer after the introduction of potatoes into Europe. (Oh God! I just imagined a world without chips AND coffee).

coffeebeansAnyhoo, I’ve lived through many phases of coffee brewing…the 80´s percolator method, the 90´s cafetiere method and then I got bored after that. I don´t mind a cappuccino, I have an aversion to lattes and frankly, flat whites are somewhere between the two. I like good, strong coffee and never have more than 2 cups.  (no honestly, its not a good idea)

ethiopianBut as today is June 1st 2017 and Summer is just around the corner, mornings will become hotter and hotter from here on in and what I really want is a crisp, clean, refreshing coffee that I can serve cold throughout the morning. Here in Tenerife, iced coffee is usually a hot espresso poured over ice, from experience its not usually great quality coffee and it makes the iced coffee quite bitter….Cold Brew Coffee is something completely different. If you use a good quality coffee bean, it creates a cup of ´black gold´ and because the coffee grounds are steeped in cold filtered water for 24 hours it creates a coffee with a lovely rich flavour and you don´t need to add sugar…its also easier on the stomach.

For my recipe I worked on a 1:4 method of measurement, this makes the cold brew stronger, but you can use it like a concentrate and add more water (hot or cold) if you like your coffee less strong. This will make 1 pint of coffee that you can store in your fridge for up to 2 weeks. A few months ago in an effort to try and buy more local produce, I discovered a local roaster of coffee beans in Tenerife called Lezzato. Their 100% Columbian makes a full flavour smooth coffee and smacks you around the face to wake you up in the morning, its delicious, but for this recipe I used 100% Arabica Ethiopian Coffee beans, bought from La Recova del The (they were really lovely people) located in the Plazo del Cristo farmers market in San Cristobal de La Laguna


  • x1 cup of coffee beans
  • x4 cups of filtered or bottled water


  1. Grind the beans – don´t go crazy, you want coarsely ground beans.
  2. Put the grounds into a container which you can fit into the fridge. I used a small cafetiere, but you can use a large mason jar for example, just make sure the top of your container is covered. (you don´t want your coffee to take on any unwanted aromas from your fridge)
  3. coldbrewcoffeePour 4 cups of filtered water over the coffee grounds making sure you cover all the grounds with the water. If you are using a cafetiere, don´t push the plunger down as the grounds needs to steep in the water for 24 hours.
  4. the following day, push the plunger down in the cafetiere but not all the way to the bottom, then sieve again. If you are not using a cafetiere, use a normal sieve to remove the larger coffee grounds and then use a muslin cloth or material sieve to remove any smaller grounds.
  5. Store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks in a covered container until you need to use.


If music be the food of love…

…get up, put the coffee on and listen to my morning themed playlist! …it set me up for the day with a spring in my step, hope it works for you.



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