The original Palm Honey from La Gomera, grilled smoked fresh goats cheese, apple slices & walnuts.

Knob/dollop factor rating: it´s more of a drizzle!
Homemade: Yes! by a palm tree and me.

mapcanaryNever heard of La Gomera? no? here you can find out more about the Canary Islands of which La Gomera is one of seven. It is the highest smallest island in the world and is a breathtaking place which has yet to be turned into a generic tourist destination. (lecture over…you’re welcome!)

I´m on Tenerife, the island next to La Gomera, we are separated by 23 miles of deep water,  its a place I’ve been many times and love it…and so do the most species of whale and dolphins in the world, they pass thru the two islands  on their migration path.

Anyhooooo. Palm honey is literally a syrup (rather than a honey) that comes from the


hola! Carmen, que tal?

Canarian palm. In short, wooden stakes are driven into the palm to draw out the syrup from the palm, the guarapo (syrup) is then cooked until it becomes thick ´palm honey´. It´s like a mixture between molasses, honey and golden syrup with a voice like Laura Marling and a hat like Carmen Miranda and is delicious and La Gomera is known for the production of it.

There are many uses for palm honey, but I think the best combination is definitely with fresh white goats cheese. (which is very plain and very good for you) but put it on toast, fry it with banana and bacon, drizzle it on your pulse points…

This recipe is so simple.


  • Fresh goats cheese (smoked if possible)
  • thinly sliced apple slices
  • walnuts
  • La Gomera Palm Honey (if you want it, I can ship it, let me know!)
  1. Slice cheese into thick at least 1 cm slices, put into a hot hot dry, non stick frying pan for 30 seconds, no more, just to brown it.
  2. Put onto a dish with walnuts and apple
  3. Drizzle over palm honey

…Dare I say orgasmic.


´queseria mi abuela maria´ – my grandmother, maria´s cheese – have won awards in Tenerife. They have a stall in my local farmers market – San Miguel de Abona


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