Bon Appetit Baby

Yes I realise that this is all very obvious. But get Katy Perry… ditched all the old stuff including Orlando Bloom and got herself a ´noo hardoo´ and some very decent new choons (I´m down with the kids, I know the lingo). I actually bought my first Katy Perry track – chained to the rhythm – last week, yes with real money.

New album has no release date yet, so a few more singles then she´ll drop the album on us I expect. Listen to me music industry expert now…tut!

PLEASE NOTE:  I am having a technical hitch that I currently have no idea how to solve…trying to embed a spotified Katy Perry track into this page is beyond my capabilities right now, please bear with me while I go and have a cup of tea and moan about it until I can work it all out.

update…2 June 2017….hoorah, I had the patience to work it all out…here´s the tracks (very smug)


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